Fraser Mercantile $65+

$700 Original Watercolor

Doc Susie’s House $40+

Doc Susie's House

Snowman Party $20

Snowmen Party

Snowman Descent $20

Snowman Descent

Delphinium $525

Kinnickinnick $20


Butterflies and Roses $20

Night of the Butterfly $20-$90

Positively Fraser $65-$250

Positively Fraser

Butterflies and Daisies $20-$90

Best Day Ever (Day of the Butterflies) $450

Butterfly Collection $40

Columbines $65+

Aspens $65-$850

Purple Asters $70

Sweet William $90

Sharky’s $40

Poppies $700

Pink Tulips $700

Dianthus $90

Viola Heaven $100

Viola Mix I $70

Two Violas

Big Bunny $50

Viola Mix III $70

Viola Mix IV

Fraser View $20-$65

Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart garden floral flower radiant

Wild Strawberry $60

Roses and Aspen $150

Spring Fox $50-$250

Powder Ghosts $65-$250

Vintage Ski Fence Watercolor Painting Fraser Colorado

Fox in the Garden $65-$250

Blue Doves $20-$700

Black Eyed Susans $850

Chickadees I $50+

Chickadee II $50-$700

Aristocrat $50+


Eddie Bohn (Pig and Whistle) $50+

Colfax Eddie Bohn Pig and Whistle

Casa Bonita $50+

Casa Bonita Colfax

Davies’ Chuck Wagon $50+

Davies' Chuck Wagon Colfax Denver Icons

White Swan $50+

White Swan Motel Colfax Denver

Trail’s End $50+

Trail's End Motel Colfax Avenue Denver Colorado Vintage Denver Art Linoleum Cuts

Candy Lineup $290

Candy art Kit Kat Snickers Butterfinger Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Hershey Bar Twix Crunch Bar M&Ms Heath Bar

Byers Peak $750


Byers Peak With Fall Aspen $250


Columbines (plein air study) $20-$65

Columbine (plein air study)

Fireweed $20-$750


Johnny Jump Up (plein air study) $50

Johnny Jump Up (plein air study)