Historic Items

Paintings sold to good homes




Turtle I

Turtle I
(Framed set of 3
Original Watercolors)

Turtle II

Turtle II
(Framed set of 3
Original Watercolors)

Turtle III

Turtle III
(Framed set of 3
Original Watercolors)

Delphinium $525

Butterflies and Roses $20

Butterflies red roses watercolor painting Elizabeth Kurtak

Positively Fraser $65-$700

Worst Western Crooked Creed Saloon Vintage Skis ski fence Watercolor painting local art elizabeth Kurtak powder love winter park colorado art galleries red ski slopes fun in fraser weddings

Butterflies and Daisies $20-$90

Yellow Daisies smiling Butterflies mountains wet on wet watercolor children's art

Butterfly Collection $40

Butterfly Collection watercolor smiles love change hope love children's art

Columbines $65+

Columbine flower giant watercolor paintings canvas prints Alpine Art Affair poster Winter Park Art Colorado state flower Kurtak artist Fraser Art Galleries floral botanic local art blue sage green

Aspens $50+

Aspen Plein Air Watercolor painting Experimental Forest St Louis Creek Fraser, Colorado Art Gallery Alpine Art Affair print local artist

Sweet William $90

Dianthus Sweet William watercolor painting botanical study floral pink and black garden

Sharky’s $40

Sharkeys Fraser, Colorado Breakfast mountain life original watercolor art women working beauty women in business Elizabeth Kurtak Art Gallery

Poppies $700

Iceandic Poppies orange yellow white Fraser, Colorado Ski Gardens

Dianthus $90

Dinathus Tiny Rubies Colorado gardening plein air watercolor painting original artwork

Yellow Johnnys $70

Viola Heaven $100-$700 Prints

Johnny Jump Up Painting Violas resilience purple paintings Elizabeth Kurtak goes hard Fraser, Colorado Flowers Floral painting

Viola Mix I $70

Viola flower painting Johnny Jump Ups watercolor art

Viola Mix III $70

Johnny Jump Up flowers painting art Viola painting watercolor

Viola Mix IV

floral watercolor paintings fine art local artist Fraser, Colorado

Fraser View $20-$65

Fraser, Colorado landscape watercolor painting Winter Park Ski Area Parry Peak winter scene snow James Peak Eva River Winter Park Art Gallery

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart watercolor painting cobalt blue pink floral flower radiant Elizabeth Kurtak Art Gallery Fraser, Colorado Fraser Mercantile Ski Gardens plein air

Roses and Aspen $150 SOLD

Wild Roses Aspen trees Colorado wildflower painting watercolor pink roses Fraser, Colorado original artwork Creekside Trail St Louis Creek

Spring Fox $50-$250

Fox in the Garden watercolor painting Colorado wildlife Red Fox giant watercolor paintings canvas prints Winter Park art galleries

Powder Ghosts $65+

Vintage Ski Fence Watercolor Painting Fraser Colorado

Black Eyed Susans $500 unframed

Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan Pansy Johnny Jump Up Viola Red and Yellow painting flower art

Chickadees I $50+

Chickadee giant watercolor paintings bird art Colorado wildlife Fraser, Colorado local art Winter Park, Colorado fine art

Chickadee II $50+

Chickadee giant watercolor paintings bird art Colorado wildlife Fraser, Colorado local art Winter Park, Colorado fine art


Blue Delphineums on a Neutral Ground

Byers Peak With Fall Aspen $200

Aspen trees Byers Peak painting landscape fall watercolor painting Fraser, Colorado art plein air

Pyrethrum (Pink Daisies) $90

Pink Daisies, Pyrethrum, floral, painting, watercolor, pink, purple

Columbines (plein air study) $20-$65

Columbine wildflower Colorado State Flower blue watercolor painting fine art prints commissions originals Fraser Winter Park local art

Johnny Jump Up (plein air study) $65

Johnny Jump Up (plein air study)

Red Calibrachoa $140 SOLD

red, Calibrachoa , flower, watercolor painting

Ski Fence with Delphinium and Outhouse $50+_

Fraser Ski Fence, Fraser Mercantile Company, Fraser Colorado, Delphinium, Flowers, Blue flowers and skis, Doves, Outhouse, Fraser Art, Watercolor, Prints, Winter Park Ski Area, Winter Park Art

White Poppies $65+

White Oriental Poppies Columbines Delphiniem strawberries Aspen Trees Fraser Colorado flower watercolor botanical plein air painting


snapdragon watercolor painting original artwork fraser art gallery ski garden ski art

Snapdragon Tops

Snapdragon antirrhinum flower art snapdragon painting watercolor painting Elizabeth Kurtak Art Gallery Fraser Colorado


Columbines Colorado wildflower painting watercolor local artist local subject matter Winter Park, Colorado art galleries, Fraser, Colorado Art galleries.

Purple Columbines

Original watercolor painting Columbine flower Fraser, Colorado art 420 love

Columbines Sold

Original Columbine watercolor painting Winter Park, Colorado local artwork and subject matter fine art flowers

Chickadees SOLD

Chickadees local Colorado birds wildlife green original watercolor painting

Pansy Basket $40+

pansies violas bidens spainish daisies asters

Worst Western II

Worst Western Snowy Fraser, Colorado winter painting

Delphinium $200 SOLD

delphinium blue white flowers oil painting

Osteopernum and Bacopa Basket $90

Osteopernum Bacopa flowers floral watercolor Elizabeth Kurtak Fraser, Colorado Winter Park Art

Byers Peak (summer) $20+

Byers Peak, Plein Air, watercolor, Fraser, art

Green Sky Chickadees $150 SOLD


The Experimental Forest $40+

Fraser landscape watercolor painting

James Peak (Waterboard Road) $20+

Winter Park Landscape summer Jim Creek James Peak Waterboard road

At the Lemmon Lodge $20-$40

Grand Lake Art Lemmon Lodge Colorado art

Byer’s Peak (Winter) $25+

Byers Peak Fraser Colorado winter landscape watercolor painting fine art

Devil’s Thumb

Devil's Thumb Tabernash Colorado winter snow Continental Divide Fraser Landscape art

Byer’s Bench Prints $25+

Byer's Peak Bench St Louis Creek Experimental Forest Flume trail Fraser Colorado Watercolor painting