Symbolism in subject matter is very important to me.  I feel that art can be medicinal for the maker and the viewer.  Here are some of my symbols:

Butterflies-change, transformation, spirit, and death.

Doves-peace, oneness, love.

Chickadees- faithfulness and fidelity

Turtles-patience, wisdom, longevity, defense, carrying your home with you in your heart.

Black Eyed Susan- encouragement, hope, charm, fun.

Violas/Johnny Jump Ups-modesty, humbleness, faithfulness, truth.

Bleeding Heart-wearing your heart on your sleeve, being open and honest with others.

Roses-love, generosity, authenticity, abundance.

Foxes-for my family, seeing one always meant money was coming.  Luck, shrewdness in business.

Delphinium-infinite possibility, manifestation of hopes and dreams.

Poppies-(in “Powder Ghosts”)I have always associated Poppies with living in the now.  If you cut them for a vase, the petals come off in like 5 minutes.  You have to enjoy them where they are.  They are glorious and hearty but will not be possessed.


Linoleum Cuts

I made the Colfax series this past winter.  These signs are so iconic, and I thought it would be fun to use this medium because West Colfax is kind of scary and gritty.  There is something ironic about the medium, it’s so dramatic, and I thought it would be funny to do Casa Bonita as kind of an aggrandized church.-the hipsters, too.  There is something funny to me about elevating everyday people and places to an iconic level.  The Big Bunny and Aristocrat won ribbons in a show in February.


Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!!!







Artist’s Statement

 I have to fall in love with a subject to paint it, but am currently, I’m really into flowers, architecture, and skiing.  Past works include women and body image, industrialized development of the natural world, cubism, and symbolism in everyday subjects.  My work always seems to have bright positive leanings, as do I.

Success for me is when I am obsessed, and I will work with a subject over and over trying to make it better. The next thing I know, the studio is destroyed and there’s several finished pieces showing an obvious progression.  I feel very guilty when I am not painting. Painting is what I do when I’m “behaving myself”.  It represents me at the top of my game, noticing the best in what’s around me.



Elizabeth Kurtak