Original renditions of historic and unique buildings

**Intro Body Text Test*** Large, bright original work featuring striking architecture.


Fraser Mercantile $1200 Original, Prints $25+

Fraser Mercantile Company Colorado Watercolor Painting Prints Fraser History Fraser Art Gallery Elizabeth Kurtak Railroad Ski Fence Pink Flowers Fraser Thrift Andrew Petersen Weddings Wedding Venue Gardens

Doc Susie’s House Prints $25+

Doc Susie House painting by kurtak fraser art gallery elizabeth kurtak studio poppies columbines historic site lovely clouds winter park art gallery

Aristocrat $50+

Eddie Bohn (Pig and Whistle) $50+

Colfax Eddie Bohn Pig and Whistle

Casa Bonita $50+

Casa Bonita Colfax

Davies’ Chuck Wagon $50+

Davies' Chuck Wagon Colfax Denver Icons

White Swan $50+

White Swan Motel Colfax Denver

Trail’s End $50+

Trail's End Motel Colfax Avenue Denver Colorado Vintage Denver Art Linoleum Cuts

Worst Western with Chickadees $900 Original

Worst Western watercolor painting Fraser Colorado winter scene local artist Elizabeth Kurtak

Worst Western II

Worst Western Snowy Fraser, Colorado winter painting

Trailblazers Cabin $25+