Chickadee II $40+

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Chickadees are my favorite winter birds.  They are nonmigratory, hanging around for the whole winter, and have long been associated with fidelity and faithfulness for this reason.  Other cultures have associated them with high mindedness due to their caps.  Chickadees teach us to use our voices even if we are small, and when dreamed of, are symbolic of optimism and hope coming into your life.

They are well adapted to the cold, and enter a torpor state (similar to a brief hibernation, but lasting less than 24 hours) to survive the brutal Colorado winters.

They are great subjects because they are not very afraid of humans, and love to visit feeders.  In the woods you can hear them calling and they will call back if you call to them.  Sweet little birds for this Fraser painter’s reverie.  Thanks for looking at my little Chickadees today!

Giclee Print on Canvas     Framed
6 x 18 inches   $40               $80
12 x 36 inches $125             $185
Larger prints are available by request.

Original Watercolor-SOLD
20 x 60 inches