Powder Ghosts $90+

  • Vintage Ski Fence Watercolor Painting Fraser Colorado
    Vintage Skis with Icelandic Poppies in Fraser, Colorado


Canvas Prints            Barnwood Frames      US Shipping Rates
16 x 20 inches……$90     Framed…$125         $20
18 x 24 inches…..$115    Framed…$150          $10 Tube
24 x 36 inches…..$215   Framed…$250         $10 Tube
30 x 40 inches….$300   Framed…$390        $20 Tube
Now available on canvas in custom sizes up to 46 x 60 inches!

This watercolor was painted on location in the mornings in the Fraser Mercantile Ski Gardens.  My husband and I both grew up skiing Winter Park and Mary Jane and have collected many skis from friends,family, and neighbors.  Icelandic Poppies bloom abundantly all season and are featured in the foreground of this piece. Thanks for looking at some Winter Park focused art and have a beautiful day!